Welcome to our web site. If you are in need of legal assistance, consulting immediately
with an experienced attorney can serve your best legal interests. It is the goal of this law firm to
provide you with cost effective legal services. Attorney Perry Monioudis has been a practicing for
more than 25 years, and will be glad to assist you with your legal needs.

BANKRUPCY SERVICES. Filing for bankruptcy protection is an important decision for many
individuals and small businesses that are having financial difficulties and are in need of a fresh
start. The bankruptcy laws are technical and complicated. You should not consider filing for
bankruptcy relief without the assistance of an experienced attorney.  Perry Monioudis has been

providing bankruptcy services since 1990.Please click here for further information.

CONSTRUCTION LAW SERVICES. We have extensive experience in providing clients with
construction law services throughout the state of Florida, serving general contractors, subcontractors,
developers, materialmen, and lenders throughout the state of Florida. We have more
than twenty years of experience providing comprehensive legal representation to clients with
interests in the Florida construction industry.Please click here for further information.

CONSTRUCTION LITIGATION is a foreseeable aspect of Florida construction projects. This law firm is
prepared to litigate construction disputes in state and federal courts. Our strength is identifying
and resolving disputes before litigation commences, and accordingly, saving costs to our clients,
while working hard to preserve existing business relationships.

CORPORATE / BUSINESS LAW SERVICES. We have extensive experience in the purchase and sale of
businesses and franchise closings. Let us help you draft an agreement, review a contract before
you sign it, and represent you at your business closing. Protection of your rights and coverage of all possibilities are of primary importance.
If a dispute arises, we will assist you in resolving it, or vigorously protect your position in
litigation if necessary. Please click here for further information.

COMMERCIAL LITIGATION SERVICES. Since 1990, Perry D. Monioudis has successfully represented
business and corporate clients in both commercial litigation and business litigation matters.  We take the time to listen to our client's concerns, answer their questions, and keep them fully informed of the status of their case. A significant portion of our clients come from satisfied
customer referrals and referrals from other lawyers in our area. We seek quick and efficient
resolution to your legal challenges, however, if necessary, we will take a case to court if we
believe it is in our client's best interests. Please click here for further information.

SOUTH FLORIDA ESTATE PLANNING / PROBATE LAW SERVICES. Establishing an estate plan is one of the
most important decisions that a family has to make in order to protect themselves and their loved
ones. Proper estate planning not only puts you in control of your finances, it can also spare your
loved ones of unnecessary expenses, delays and frustrations associated with managing your
affairs when you pass away or become disabled. Please click here for further information.

SOUTH FLORIDA FORECLOSURE DEFENSE ATTORNEY - Saving Your Home. Have you been served with
foreclosure papers by your bank or mortgage company? Are you being threatened with losing
your home or your property? Is your property located in the state of Florida? Should this be the
case, please call us to discuss your legal rights. Please click here for further details.